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Home, With an Extra 24 Rooms

How does that saying go?

When life gives you lemons, buy a motel instead.

Or so goes the story for Jennifer and Leon Paton, the owners of Twin Swans Motel in Inverell. Love for people, the gift of the gab, a sale of a family farm – all of these factors came into play for Jennifer and Leon and led to them taking ownership of a derelict motel in Inverell just over three years ago. 

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Farming had been a way of life for Leon and Jennifer. But when circumstances dictated that their farm in Moree must be sold, they had to change directions in life. Jennifer loved the idea of working from home around their children, including one with special needs. Jennifer made the decision that a motel would be an ideal situation for their family. Leon was very dubious, moving from a man’s work to women’s work, but threw himself into making beds, doing dishes and cooking breakfasts and dinners. Their first motel business in Narrabri worked very well and in Jen’s words they would still be there but for a major health crisis.

It took four years for Jennifer to come out the other side and by then they had moved on from their motel in Narrabri and moved to Inverell. Once she felt better, Jennifer spent a year working on Leon to start up another motel venture and finally he relented. The search for a new place began and quickly narrowed down to three. 

Family Needs, Check!

By 2014, Jennifer's family were growing up with definite ideas about the place they wanted to live in. First and foremost, their new home must have a pool. There was a man cave out the back. The dogs have room to run around and Leon could do some “real” work on the extensive renovations to be completed in the motel. For Jennifer, the Twin Swans motel ticked all the boxes as well, “It’s a home, with an extra 24 rooms. I like to clean, renovate and style and I like to chat and meet new people. For so much money per month to own and run a motel, my home makes money for me. Who else can say that?” 


The Twin Swans Motel is situated high on the eastern side of Inverell, just up the road from the town centre. For Jennifer, this spells quiet, tranquillity and value for her customers. It is close to the sporting fields, convenient for anyone needing to stop over in the event of a hospital visit, and not too far from the CBD. One would not think of a 15 hour day, 7 days a week job as particularly serene, but for Jennifer, this is a way of life and perfect for her family’s situation. Her love for what she does shines through and makes the Twin Swans a warm, welcoming environment to look forward to staying in. 

Come and stay with us on your next visit to Inverell.

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